Commercial Market

As commercial entities see value in outsourcing critical functions like information technology or energy management, new financial structures must be developed to support the delivery of outsourced services. Hannon Armstrong provides a broad range of commercial contract finance options to support outsourcing for commercial entities.  Hannon Armstrong is playing a strong role in several national initiatives focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the commercial office building sector.


Industrial Market

Similar to the commercial market, the Industrial market is moving to outsourcing, particularly for energy islands, water, wastewater and other utility-type services. Even with complicated ownership and tax structures, these transactions can bring substantial benefits to an Industrial company when properly structured.

Hannon Armstrong can provide the ownership and finance resources required in the outsourcing model so our clients and their service providers can develop the day-to-day operating relationship necessary for success.


Utility Market

Investor-owned, municipal and rural electric utilities are challenged to manage demand growth, climate change concerns and fossil fuel cost increases. Hannon Armstrong has a long history of working with utilities to structure and finance solutions for demand-side management programs, satisfaction of renewable and efficiency portfolio standards, and increasingly, smart-grid solutions and distributed generation. These technologies allow utilities to obtain additional value from existing transmission and distribution assets.