State and Local Market

Hannon Armstrong provides state & local governments and private and public Institutions such as colleges, universities and hospitals, a pathway to creative and competitive financing for their infrastructure needs.

Our approach at Hannon Armstrong is to understand the requirements of our clients first, then structure a financial solution that meets their budgetary requirements as well as their tax, accounting, regulatory and cyclical business needs.

As a pioneer of state & local leasing in the 1980’s, Hannon Armstrong has the resources and expertise to provide governmental entities and not-for-profit institutions a wide variety of off-balance sheet products.

Hannon Armstrong works with leading energy service companies to implement renewable energy projects for state & local governments under a variety of structures including the "Solar PPA" model.

Other infrastructure needs such as water, wastewater and air conditioning can be met using an outsourcing model to deliver the necessary services without encumbering a local government's balance sheet.