Submarine Fiber Optic Cable for the Marshall Islands

Fiber optic system for US Army Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA)

The Situation

The U.S. Government required a fiber optic cable connecting various facilities in the Marshall Islands.

The Problem

USAKA communications are satellite-based, which is costly and allows limited bandwidth. As a result, SMDC has to maintain a number of expensive DoD contractors at USAKA that could otherwise perform their functions remotely from SMDC’s Huntsville headquarters.

The Solution

Hannon Armstrong owns and financed the $63 million 2,900 km fiber optic system, connecting to Guam, for further connection to Huntsville.

The fiber optic system was installed on time and is operational. Using the undersea fiber connections it allows for regional and international connectivity in the Pacific region where it was needed.

The Benefit

USAKA will be able to significantly lower costs in the Pacific by moving skilled jobs back to the US and accelerate information flows through the secure fiber optic system.

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