Renewable Energy

We provide debt and equity financing for projects that deploy cleaner energy sources, such as solar and wind.  We focus on financing renewable energy projects which use proven technology and that have contractually committed agreements with high credit quality utilities or large electricity users to enter into power purchase agreements under which the utility or large user purchases the power produced by the project at a minimum price with potential price escalators. These projects are building or facility specific and may be combined with other energy efficiency projects or are standalone projects designed to sell power to electric utilities or large users. Developers, including many ESCOs, acquire a specific site and the applicable permits and negotiate the construction and maintenance contracts and the power purchase agreement. The size of the project and the payback depends on the nature of the project as well as the cost of traditional energy sources. Building specific projects can be as small as $1.0 million or less while standalone projects can be as large as several hundred million dollars or more.