Green Bonds


At Hannon Armstrong, we are committed to ensuring all debt we issue is dedicated to eligible green projects. Typically, for corporate unsecured debt, we pursue independent verification. Since 2013, we have raised approximately $4.6 billion of green debt, including securitizations and non-recourse and corporate issuances. Hannon Armstrong is a proud member of the Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network.

Green Debt Issuances


Off Balance Sheet

Securitizations typically of public
sector receivables and managed off
balance sheet



On Balance Sheet

Non-recourse, asset-backed debt
managed on balance sheet



Senior unsecured or convertible bonds
issued as corporate obligations


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1) Subtotals may not sum due to rounding; from 2013 IPO through 4/30/20

2) Principles applicable to corporate unsecured green bonds but not necessarily to our convertible green bonds

Green Bond Framework

In alignment with ICMA’s Green Bond Principles (2018)

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“Eligible Green Projects” means projects intended to reduce carbon emissions or provide other environmental benefits in the following categories:

Behind-The-Meter (“BTM”): Distributed building or facility projects that reduce energy usage or cost through the use of solar generation and energy storage or energy-efficient improvements, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (“HVAC”), lighting, energy controls, roofs, windows, building shells, and/or combined heat and power systems;

Grid Connected (“GC”): Projects that deploy cleaner energy sources, such as solar and wind to generate power where the off-taker or counterparty is part of the wholesale electric power grid; and

Other Sustainable Infrastructure: Upgraded transmission or distribution systems, water, and stormwater infrastructure, seismic retrofits, and other projects, that improve water or energy efficiency, increase resiliency, positively impact the environment, or more efficiently use natural resources.

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As part of our investment process, we intend to calculate the ratio of the estimated first year of metric tons of carbon emissions avoided (or that will be avoided) by the investment divided by the capital to be invested to understand the impact the investment is expected to have on climate change.
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Prior to the full investment of such net proceeds, we may apply the net proceeds to repay a portion of the outstanding revolving borrowings under the Existing Credit Facilities and, for any net proceeds from this offering not used to repay the Credit Facilities, we intend to invest such net proceeds in interest-bearing accounts and short-term, interest-bearing securities which are consistent with our intention to qualify for taxation as a REIT.

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During the term of the Notes, until such time as the net proceeds from this offering have been fully allocated to Eligible Green Projects, we will publish annual updates on our website detailing, at a minimum, the allocation of the net proceeds from this offering to specific Eligible Green Projects along with the associated CarbonCount®.

Corporate Green Bonds

HASI-GRB-001Ernst and Young418751 AA17/15/2024$500,000,0005.25%Senior UnsecuredS&P: BB+
Fitch: BB+
HASI-GRB-002In Process418751 ABR4/15/2025$400,000,0006.00%Senior UnsecuredS&P: BB+
Fitch: BB+

Green Debt Issuance Since IPO ($m)